The 600th Year Anniversary of Jasna Gora Museum

The Museum of the 600th Year Anniversary of Jasna Gora, opened in 1982, has presented cultural and artistic activities of the Pauline monks, guardians of this place. The permanent exhibition consists of, among others:

  • the paintings placed on the walls are the so-called hermit’s part (painted in Jasna Gora painting studio in the 17th century),

  • Mensa Mariana" the safety board at  the back of the Miraculous Painting with the scenes of its story,

  • the four dresses given to the Queen of Poland at Jasna Gora on several jubilee occasions,

  • collection of coffin portraits, crest and epitaph of metal sheets,

  • votive offerings of gold and silver from the 17th - 20th century,

  • the large painting showing the transfer of St. Paul the First Hermit relics from Venice to Buda – the capital of Hungary,

  • set of historic musical instruments used by members of the musical band of Jasna Gora founded  here in the second half of the 16th century.

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