The Basilica

The Basilica's construction began in the early 15th century. In the fire of 1690, the vault collapsed and its rich internal decorations were burned. Today’s basilica was rebuilt in 17th century and restored in 18th century. It has three aisles and is a fine example of Baroque art. The multicolored vaults of the presbytery and the main aisle are the work of Karl Dankwart and an Italian stucco maker Bianco. The high altar was made primarily by Silesian artists. It features a scene of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is carried by angels in the presence of the Four Evangelists. In the upper part, the Holy Trinity waits for the arrival of Mary, to crown her. Splendid organ, featuring 105 voices, can be found in the choir loft over the main entrance to the basilica. Inside the basilica, there are numerous side altars. The church interior features a beautiful ambo made in stucco and 18th century pews.

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